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Omni Federal Wins USSF SSC Immortal Jellyfish Phase II SBIR

Omni Federal wins USSF SSC Immortal Jellyfish Phase II SBIR contract to support USSF digital engineering, platform modernization and address data management capabilities across Missile Warning, Space Domain Awareness, and Missile Defense efforts for the SSC SSC/SZQ Organization.

The objective of this Phase II SBIR effort is to support Multi Domain Command, Control, Communications and Situational Awareness (MDC3SA) service mesh composed of an open data layer, visualization layer, ML algorithms, and edge node processing

Omni working closely with AFRL and USSF SSC/SZQ organization will demonstrate the ability to: enable edge deployment agility on the SWISS (Strategic Warning and Surveillance System) cloud by leveraging a DevSecOps approach with a CI/CD pipeline; enable C2 operational agility and decision speed by defining a strategy and architecture to improve data sharing and integration; and facilitate broader digital transformation through the creation of a software factory enablement strategy in support of missile warning and space domain awareness C2.

Omni Federal is excited to support DoD and USSF efforts to develop an integrated MDC3SA ecosystem that seamlessly integrates, analyzes, fuses and shares domain centric information across disparate C2 systems to drive real time decision making and improved operational excellence.


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