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Immortal Jellyfish

C2 at Scale for the Modern Warfighter

To maintain mission readiness, our nation’s military leaders require the ability to seamlessly analyze, fuse, and share domain-centric information across disparate systems. A unified command-and-control (C2) system must support all domains at every level of warfare in real-time. There is no alternative when national security is in question.

Achieving such critical performance requires the prototyping of user-centric solutions, as well as a rapid “design to test” strategy to get the necessary capabilities into warfighters’ hands. That’s the agile approach Omni Federal leveraged in creating our Immortal Jellyfish solution.

Built from the ground up, we designed Immortal Jellyfish to adapt, like its namesake in nature –– constantly recombining and reinventing its power to withstand all changes and challenges. 

Agility and Speed across Domains 

Legacy IT infrastructure and systems lack the operational agility and decision speed needed for successful C2, putting our nation’s security at risk. Immortal Jellyfish fully supports military leaders by enabling perpetual enhancement in operations, with software deployed in weeks or months instead of years. 

Our Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) ecosystem integrates and synchronizes planning and operations across multiple air, space, and cyber domains – delivering the system support our warfighters can depend on.

How Immortal Jellyfish Rises to the Challenge

In Immortal Jellyfish’s platform-agnostic integrated, secure data environment (ISDE), military teams can:

  • Break down existing data silos to build cross-domain intelligence
  • Perform automated and secure data ingest, cleansing, tagging, and dissemination
  • Rapidly design and prototype capabilities
  • Automate deployment of capabilities to data-consuming applications
  • Fuse and enrich sensor data and advance analytics across all data sets
  • Scale responsiveness and speed of delivery to meet mission needs
  • Integrate communication, collaboration, and situational awareness

Support and services include:

  • Unified, cloud-agnostic and hybrid-capable infrastructure and platform
  • Modern CI/CD pipeline capabilities for automated and secure deployment
  • Service mesh capability for dynamic connectivity in contested environments
  • Visualization layer for both command and control as well as situational awareness
  • Real-time tactical command, control, communication, and situational awareness (C3SA) environment

The United States Space Force (USSF) is deploying Immortal Jellyfish to enable fusion and analytics across multiple data sources.

Contact us today to see how Immortal Jellyfish can help advance your mission forward.