Building a Legacy of Commitment

Omni Federal began with a single well-timed phone call and two entrepreneurs’ shared desire to work toward a higher purpose – create and implement software that empowers our nation’s warfighters and enables their success on the modern battlefield.

Prior to founding Omni, CEO Parag Thakker and COO Kevin Coyle helmed their own IT consulting companies, largely serving Fortune 500 leaders in industries such as finance, healthcare, communications, and media, among others.

In 2017, Parag and Kevin decided to leave the commercial market and bring their unique expertise to the defense and intelligence arenas. Their paths had crossed many times during their careers, and intrigued by the possibility of working together, they discussed ways to apply the power of technology to work for the good of the country. Specifically by leveraging their combined expertise in digital transformation to bring agility and adaptability to the federal government. Shortly thereafter, Sameer joined, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the federal market and with a desire to see commercial best practices and tech come into the government.

Omni Federal Timeline


Blue chip commercial expertise driving digital transformation and adopting an innovative, technology agnostic mindset

2 FTEs

Omni founded as a digital transformation company to bring commercial best practices for UX, Data and Cloud to the DoD / IC

~25 FTEs

Omni won first SBIR prime contract with BESPIN Software Factory and won first prime contract at Kessel Run

~60 FTEs

NGA MCAMS and SABER awards deepen Omni’s IC presence, with the agency citing previous success with software factories, ML, and UX

~100 FTEs

Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (“ECMA”) DevSecOps awarded, focused on zero trust cloud implementation

~275 FTEs

Key Platform One (Party Bus, Iron Bank, CNAP) and OTA wins (Army UnITE, Space Force FORGE C2), further contribute to momentum from previous SBIR and modernization programs

500+ FTEs

Omni continues to expand across the DoD and IC, tackling larger digital transformation and modernization challenges while maintaining its commitment to innovation and market focus in C2, Cyber, Geospatial, Space, Business Systems and Cloud /Data Platforms

Doing Whatever It Takes

In 2018, Omni Federal officially came to market as the vehicle to drive innovative software solutions and progress within the U.S. defense and intelligence communities. Comprised of a team of all-star engineers, developers, UX specialists, and others from commercial and government IT spaces, like the company founders, Omni employees are drawn by the lure of projects that are at once intellectually stimulating, immensely challenging, and of significant importance to our country and its protectors.

In understanding that security and quality are industry table stakes, our leadership created an approach for the company that would set us apart from the crowd. We work collaboratively with the government to deliver optimal solutions as quickly as possible. And we do whatever it takes to get results that exceed customer expectations and keep our nation ahead of adversaries.

Omni Federal won its first prime contracts in 2019 from the US Air Force at Kessel Run and BESPIN. Based on Omni’s success in the early software factory initiatives, more contracts soon followed, including those for projects with the Air Force, Space Force, NGA and Army.