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User Experince Monitoring (UEM)

The User Delivers Results

What are users doing when they interact with your current applications? You need the right processes, tools, and data available to understand the end-user’s journey and ensure they get the desired experience to deliver on the mission at hand. Omni Federal’s UEM solution is driven by years of unique UX expertise across commercial and government markets, with one foundational tenant guiding our approach: people, not technology, deliver results.

Proper User Experience Monitoring (UEM) ensures that technologies streamline performance for the end-user instead of adding layers of difficulty and frustration. By monitoring users’ journeys, you can determine if the software is being used as expected or if users are finding their own work-arounds thereby decreasing the value of the software.

An Improved UX

Gauge user experience and evaluate your software’s performance with a comprehensive set of data and metrics. UEM works in conjunction with Cloud One, enabling you to monitor, track, and report user data across quantitative and qualitative metrics, all from a centralized location.

UEM by Omni Federal features:

  • App team access control and permissions
  • Usability advisory support and UEM configuration for the app
  • Review and analysis of UEM outputs
  • Instantiation and configuration of dashboards and reports
  • Maintenance, support, and enhancement of UEM services on Cloud One

User-friendly dashboards allow you to view data at product, portfolio, and enterprise levels. Monitor app health and performance, compare holistic metrics across applications, and keep all stakeholders informed of user satisfaction and success metrics. 

Improving the Digital University Experience

Leveraging UEM, Digital University (DU) gained increased clarity to understand users and how they interacted with the system. UEM’s user feedback and site analytics features empowered DU with insights to improve account management and login, introduce new training capabilities and grow the user base through seamless adoption and digital enablement.

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