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Digital University (DU)

Training for the Modern Warrior

In an increasingly digital world, defense and intelligence agencies need to maintain a cyber edge to protect against adversaries both domestically and abroad. Digital University (DU), from Omni Federal, provides direct access to the training required for warfighters and intelligence specialists to stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain the security of our nation. We built DU to deliver the best commercial training content via a superior user experience for optimal results, as we believe that empowering people is just as important as advancing technology software.

Boost Engagement and Proficiency

Cyber and technology training remains essential at all stages of a defense or intelligence career; there is no end date to learning because technology used both in the field and at an operational level continues to evolve. With proper coaching, training, and motivation, users can unlock the true value of technology. DU’s library of more than 37,000 courses elevates digital proficiency, giving end-users access to educational training content on-demand when needed. The courses use gamification to make the content more engaging, increasing participation and proficiency.

Inside the Classroom

DU’s learning platform resides in an IL4 Cloud One environment, allowing users to access their coursework from any device, anywhere, at any time.

DU features foster success:

  • Create feature: Create, review, and assign custom curriculum
  • AI-powered assessment engine: Evaluate proficiencies and assign future courses
  • Skills section: Receive instruction, fill knowledge gaps and advance professionally
  • Force Multipliers: Gain foundational understanding and certifications to build capabilities
  • Digital Badges: Award learners for successful training completion


Continuous Learning

Continuing digital education is mission critical not only for newly enlisted recruits, but also for seasoned leaders who rely on the implementation of these tools and technologies within their teams. Junior service members gain valuable skills to advance their careers while leaders can leverage Force Multipliers to develop foundational knowledge.

Prepare for tomorrow’s missions with DU. Contact us today to learn how.