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Mission Card Catalog (MC2)

Improved Situational Awareness

Mission data is often incredibly complex and comes from a plurality of disconnected sources. For intelligent operations, the Department of Defense (DoD) and related entities must maximize the application of data sources available to achieve optimal outcomes. Mission Card Catalog (MC2) by Omni Federal help defense and intelligence leaders analyze and integrate disparate mission data at scale in real time, leading to improved situational awareness and mission performance.

Purpose-built for the DoD

We created MC2 for the DoD’s specific needs. The platform enables: 

  • Standardized data taxonomy, leading to efficient data management and retrieval
  • Less time searching for datasets
  • Access mission data more readily
  • Free up valuable resources through speedier application development
  • Increase transparency with enhanced data visibility
  • Make data-informed decisions through improved data utility and analysis

When working with an abundance of data, it can be difficult to see the big picture and challenging to identify trends, anomalies, and patterns that can improve mission execution. MC2 effectively catalogs and structures mission data to ensure efficient management. 

Structured taxonomy and metadata mapping streamline the process of locating and accessing relevant information for improved data utility and more holistic insights.

MC2’s solutions support the DoD with mission data visualization and management needs. Agencies can fully customize and configure MC2 to meet their unique mission requirements, and Omni Federal supports the entire data lifecycle, from ingestion to archival.

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