Our Perspective

The Right Combination

Omni Federal, is a company built on a vast depth of experience delivering digital solutions in the commercial market, and we apply that combination of expertise and perspective to develop digital solutions for the federal market. We believe that software should be easy to use, designed with the user in mind, and above all reliable.

Our nation’s warfighters and intelligence specialists shouldn’t need advanced technical knowledge to reap the full benefits of the tools in their repertoire. It’s our passion to design and engineer software in a way that is intuitive and leverages the full range of capabilities available in the field when the stakes are high.

A Commercial Approach

We developed four tenets during our work for Fortune 500 commercial entities that bring just as much if not more value to our federal agency customer:

Focus on Results

We focus on developing pragmatic solutions that deliver mission outcomes.

In all that we do, we prioritize results –– helping agencies find ways to execute faster, better and with greater efficiency. The missions we support are critically important, and we take immense pride in standing as a trusted partner for today’s warfighters and all who support them.

Know Your Customer

Agencies are understandably focused on their core mission and don’t have time to teach a contractor the complexities involved in their operations. So, we make it our mission to proactively understand their needs, pain-points, and target outcomes.

Our intimate familiarity with the many challenges facing the defense and intelligence communities enables us to identify issues before they arise, anticipate needs and respond swiftly as new requirements arise.

Create an Environment
of Autonomy

We deliver incredible results thanks to the amazing contributions of our cohesive team. We give them the freedom to try new things and challenge existing paradigms in the name of greater success. This approach fosters happier employees while generating innovative and dynamic solutions.

Combine Agility
with Excellence

As you move, we move. As your needs evolve, we’re right there with you. We’re built to act and deliver swiftly without sacrificing quality or security.