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Omni Automation, Smart, and Intelligence Suite (OASIS)

Intelligent Automation

Repetitive manual tasks slow down the work of agencies  and inhibit mission performance. Managing documentation, transposing data, and tracking programs requires time and resources, and doing so manually can lead to human errors. Our Omni Automation, Smart, and Intelligence Suite (OASIS), automates these time-consuming processes so you can efficiently allocate resources and leverage clear visibility of data for improved decision-making.

A Modernized Approach

OASIS utilizes digital enablement to modernize your agency’s processes by applying API-driven interfaces with reliable data sources that ensure the accuracy and timely processing of mission-critical information. 

Our approach visualizes the processes to convey information rapidly, enables data cleaning capabilities, and identifies errors and anomalies automatically to remove human error. Access controls, monitoring, and metadata tags are implemented to ensure compliance with data security requirements and provides significant value in its comprehensive analytics.

OASIS Delivers:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced project delays and disruptions
  • Optimized decision-making through increased data access, visualization, and activation
  • Enhanced transparency and accountability from a centralized process data repository

The U.S. Air Force trusts OASIS to automate its Strategic Basing Process, allowing it to build its required acquisition milestone documentation and meet mission requirements.

Customizable for the End-user

The OASIS platform is tailored to meet specific mission needs and constraints. Individual users and leadership manage and measure the overall processes to make customization seamless and provide the best user experience.

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