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AF Mobile Connect

Secure Connectivity for the Modern Airman

The modern Air Force depends on secure connectivity to accommodate an increasingly mobile-centric workforce. Air Force personnel require fast, reliable, and secure access to data to achieve successful missions. That’s where AF Mobile Connect excels –– by eliminating the need for a separate common access card (CAC) while providing secure access to Cloud One. At Omni Federal, we’re dedicated to providing our nation’s airmen with the digital connectivity they need without sacrificing security or functionality.

Say Goodbye to CACs

While CACs ensure network security and keep unauthorized users out, they can be a pain for the legitimate end-user, requiring a CAC and a CAC reader at each login. AF Mobile Connect lets airmen ditch the old CAC and swap in their own computer or mobile device with the same level of security. It offers our warfighters fast, easy-to-use, and flexible data access on the move from any location. 

With AF Mobile Connect, the Air Force can fully embrace a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy, allowing warfighters to work from any location.

How AF Mobile Connect Works

AF Mobile Connect uses two-factor authentication, ensuring security from any device. When first registering for AF Mobile Connect:

  • The airman logs on to Cloud One through a CAC-enabled computer
  • They scan a QR code with the AF Mobile Connect app on their device
  • Then they exchange industry-standard public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates
  • Finally, the airmen set up an 8-digit PIN

Once the initial steps are completed, airmen only need to scan a QR code and enter their PIN in the mobile app to verify their identity. AF Mobile Connect integrates with web-based Cloud One applications, so it’s appropriate for use with all but the most sensitive data.

Contact us today to learn more about how AF Mobile Connect supports the modern Airman’s mission.