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Access Connect Data Connect (ACDC)

Better Data.  Better Decisions.

Security concerns, bureaucratic restrictions and a myriad of other constraints often make enterprise data sources inaccessible within defense and intelligence agencies. The visibility and utility of these data sources is essential for field leaders and commanders to make informed tactical decisions. Our proven Access Connect Data Connect (ACDC), aka Data as a Service (DaaS) solution provides secure access to mission-critical information enhancing overall situational awareness.

Secure Data Access

App developers, data scientists, and end users need secure access to a variety of data sources across multiple source systems. ACDC provides a secure data access layer and centralized mechanism to streamline this access, so data gets into the right hands in real-time to inform data-driven decisions.

How ACDC Works

ACDC is an enterprise data mesh that makes data available in real time. It serves as the foundational data fabric on Air Force’s Cloud One. ACDC establishes authorized and authenticated data use, enables the reuse of open standard data APIs to eliminate redundancies, minimizes long-term application and data management costs, achieves economies of scale in data utilization, and ultimately accelerates the delivery of game-changing mission applications and services.

ACDC Delivers Results

Improve productivity, drive innovation, and enhance mission outcomes, all while controlling access to data. Learn more about ACDC today.