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Who We Serve

A Trusted Partner

Since 2017, Omni Federal has been a trusted partner of the defense and intelligence communities. We deliver innovative software solutions that empower our warfighters to improve outcomes and enable mission success.

At Omni Federal, we leverage our unique background rooted in the commercial space to develop agile, strategically designed, and user-centric digital solutions for the DoD and Intelligence communities. As a team comprised of patriots, we believe our most important mission is supporting the country and those who serve us to protect national interests. Our warfighters and intelligence specialists deserve the best-designed, most intuitive software ever imagined to carry out their mission-critical work. It’s our honor to serve them.

Driving Innovation

The protection of our country relies on our defense and intelligence communities. Omni has built our reputation on providing the agile and user-centric solutions our nation’s agencies need, when they need them most. 

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense recognizes the ever increasing value of technology as a strategic advantage, which will allow it to protect our country and its citizens to an even greater degree. We’ve worked closely with many defense branches, including the Air Force, Army, and Space Force to achieve transformative modernization, improving their strategic posture.

Defense Customers

    • Air Force – Kessel Run, BESPIN, Platform One, CloudOne,  Black Label, LevelUp, F-35 JPO, SAF/IE, NASIC, AFRL and more
    • Army – ECMA, PEO-STRI
    • Space Force – SSC, BMC
    • DHA – Data Science Development Services


Omni partners with U.S. intelligence agencies to design geospatial, mathematical, and scientific applications that support their mission. We’ve also built new capabilities to help effectively manage ever-increasing volumes of data.

Intelligence Customers

    • NRO – GED

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