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Opservation Deck

Transparency. Efficiency. Authority.

In highly dynamic software environments, defense and intelligence agencies require transparency in their application security to continuously innovate while maintaining cyber compliance. With the legacy manual security testing and limited security resources, the path to production can be significantly hindered and much needed capabilities delayed.

OPServation Deck shifts security testing left with automation and increased transparency –– improving your process through greater efficiencies and minimized risks.

No Room for Error

Uncovering a significant security concern late in the development process means wasted time and taxpayer funds, in addition to the added costs and risks from limited resources and opportunity for human error. Automating penetration testing and red teaming with OPServation Deck makes better use of an agencies’ limited resources to gain greater understanding of security weaknesses earlier in the application development process. This allows defense and intelligence leaders to focus on the mission at hand while assured of their application’s security through the effective allocation of resources.

What OPServation Deck Does

OPServation Deck improves your software application’s security posture before, during and after the authority to operate (ATO) process. Features include:

  • Feedback on security throughout the lifecycle
  • Instantiation of threat models via Nova runbooks
  • Operational environment scanning and monitoring
  • User authorization and authentication
  • Comprehensive dashboard, with a detailed and near real-time aggregated view
  • A data fabric layer to leverage existing business intelligence tools
  • Integration of Nova penetration testing capabilities into CI/CD pipeline for automated Red Team capability

OPServation Deck has already been integrated into one of the Air Force’s software factories with early results showing notable benefits by shifting the security testing process far left.

OPServation Deck provides automated security requirements and a shared view of status so all stakeholders understand an ecosystem’s security activities – giving the tools and flexibility the tools to focus on what’s most critical.

Prepare for tomorrow’s missions with OPServation Deck. Contact us today to enroll.