Omni Labs

Omni Labs

Innovation From the Ground Up

Omni Labs began with a focus on the common challenges the government faced as it moved to the cloud environment. The large legacy workflows made modernization and digital transformation essential to stay ahead of adversaries.

With a commercially rooted approach, we developed Omni Labs as an idea incubator to create innovative technologies in close collaboration alongside government customers. It’s through this methodology that we solve their greatest challenges to benefit the warfighters and end users.


DevSecOps, fast

In the federal space, digital transformation often entails complex challenges associated with the adoption of cloud technology. Blueprint by Omni simplifies the adoption of cloud technology so your team can focus on the software applications that support your mission..

Blueprint solves the problem of moving new or existing software to the cloud. We provide cloud agnostic development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) capability to deliver a modern cloud native software development process that’s designed for speed, security, and quality.


A Comprehensive Data Stack Solution for Mission Readiness

Within the DoD and Intelligence communities, staying on top of massive amounts of data to derive insights is critical to maintaining mission-readiness.

OmniSMACK solves the problem of accessing, utilizing and managing data in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, via three components that can be used individually or together. Access Connect Data Connect (ACDC) offers a data fabric, Astoria offers a metadata management capability and SMACK offers data science capabilities . OmniSMACK supports applications, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) use cases and offers an MLOps capability.

Omni Innovations in Action

At Omni, our solutions aren’t one-size fits all. There’s no limit or barrier to your ability to innovate processes for higher efficiency and greater performance.

Artemis, as an example, is a solution currently used by Army Unite and Space Force Forge C2. Artemis extends the Blueprint platform by integrating Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) to create a ModDevSecOps platform to support modernizing Mod and Sim capabilities.

Omni Labs also offers an experimental lab to test hypotheses for operational use cases in areas such as JADC2. C2 UCD Integrated Ops Planning and C2 TEE BOX are new, experimental technologies that leverage proven Omni Labs technologies to address emerging needs in the JADC2 arena and augment the capabilities of our nation’s warfighters.

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