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Making Data a Strategic Asset

Today, data is the single most critical strategic asset for defense and intelligence agencies. But only with the ability to understand what data is available and how to use it can the full power of data be harnessed. Data and analytics serve as the foundation of any sound strategy, but linking data visibility, accessibility, and interoperability can be a significant challenge. 

Astoria, a cutting-edge metadata management solution from Omni Federal, takes the guesswork out of legacy processes to harness the full power of your data to drive informed decision-making. Astoria connects the dots, providing a scalable and adaptable metadata management solution to navigate complex data efficiently and deliver positive outcomes for mission-critical processes. Astoria is the essential solution for organizations striving to elevate data labeling, visibility, accessibility, and AI/ML development.

With Omni Federal’s Astoria solution, you can streamline data management, drive innovation, enhance data quality, and ensure data governance compliance.

Navigate Data Complexities with Ease

Astoria delivers insights to make sense of the various sources of data available in several ways: 

  • Enrichment: Leverage data tagging and ratings. Automatically identify duplicate data—label assets automatically for enhanced machine learning.
  • Exchange: Publish data for AI training or other external service consumption. Share data in multiple formats, ensuring broad usability and compatibility. Ensure your data works with interoperable or interrelated systems.
  • Inventory: Create a searchable repository that users can access to review training data. Collect, catalog, and manage metadata for various data assets.
  • Security: Deploy cell-level data security based on portion markings and security classifications. Limit user access with fine-grained access controls that work on a zero-trust framework.

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