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Omni Federal Wins the SOCOM Enterprise Training Platform Challenge

Omni Federal is pleased to announce a recent award to lead the development of SOCOM’s Enterprise Training Marketplace within Digital University.

SOCOM recognized a need for a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly marketplace where SOCOM units can easily explore, select, purchase, and manage approved training from reputable vendors. Speed, convenience, and flexibility are the three core principles of this simplified procurement process. SOCOM requires an Amazon-like platform with automated procurement features that can be easily changed and adapted to meet evolving mission requirements. This single mission-enabled platform will allow users to acquire the necessary training needs of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs), Special Missions Units (SMUs), and SOCOM service components. 

We leveraged a deep understanding of SOCOM’s distinct enterprise training requirements to conceptualize a unique SOCOM Training Marketplace design within Digital University. Our initial focus is to create a streamlined user interface and enhance the user experience for effortless navigation through the extensive pool of 100+ SOCOM-specific vendors. To capture SOCOM stakeholder needs, Omni is applying our commercially proven Human-Centered Design process adapted to meet the mission and security needs of DoD agencies. 

Our scope of work includes integrating an easy-to-use and streamlined procurement process, initially developed, and validated by the Digital University Program Team to expedite the acquisition of training resources. The specific and unique SOCOM Training Marketplace procurement process seamlessly aligns with the well-defined and strategically crafted set of Digital University acquisition stages, enabling integration of the two to meet specific training requirements established by the SOCOM enterprise.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to continue our development and expansion of Digital University to support the SOCOM Enterprise and Warfighter readiness across the DoD.


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