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Omni Federal wins RPA Automation Phase 2 SBIR

Omni Federal wins RPA Automation Phase 2 SBIR with the Department of the Air Force. As the Air Force continues to focus on building multi-capable Airmen that are required “ to do more with less”, it is essential to keep the burden of long hours and overwork from falling on the Airmen. “How do you do this?” you may ask, automation is the answer to this question. Automation as a key enabler is designed to reduce human error, improve task execution efficiency and enable users to focus on the higher-value tasks, thereby improving user experience, and drastically decreasing labor and operational costs.

“The end strength for our United States Air Force is not growing,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr. recalled saying to his commanders in 2020. “Even if it did grow a little bit, you might see one person in your organization. And you probably wouldn’t even notice it.”

Omni Federal will work with the BESPIN software factory to identify repetitive human tasks, implement transactional rule-based automation by mimicking user interactions without any intervention and thereby increasing the return on investment (ROI).

Leveraging our Agile approach to automation, we will identify, and prioritize automation candidates based on ROI value to deliver incremental and scalable end-to-end RPA, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning(ML) automation solutions needed to enable our Warfighter to become operationally resilient.

Our initial automation use case will focus on streamlining penetration testing processes to reduce labor/operational costs and improve security timelines.

Omni Federal will work closely with Rebellion Defense to implement a proof of concept leveraging Rebellion Defense’s NOVA automated penetration capability. This is aimed to reduce one of the largest manpower demands from the smallest and most hard-to-fill careers within the DoD. We will leverage machine learning and algorithms to detect vulnerabilities by testing NIST, NIAP and RMF controls using representative BESPIN mobile, web, and cloud capabilities across multiple DevSecOps environments.


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