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Omni Federal Wins Platform One’s Party Bus Prime Contract

Omni Federal was selected to augment Party Bus, a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) so that DoD and/or other industry partners can efficiently and effectively develop and deploy secure software into a secure production environment with a continuous authority to operate (cATO).

Omni Federal is excited to leverage our previous experience providing cloud, devsecops, software development, cyber, and platform services to Platform One and numerous other DoD software factory environments. Omni will support Party Bus with providing mission applications development teams an expedited path to a cATO accredited PaaS. Mission Application teams using Party Bus enjoy access to fully managed build and deploy pipelines which provide continuous integration and continuous deployment of Mission Application secure cloud-native software.

Party Bus is a DoD-wide enterprise service focused on helping users launch software faster in a DevSecOps environment using Platform One pipeline security tools. This effort is among many of Omni’s projects supporting Platform One services.

With a mix of commercial and DoD experience, Omni Federal specializes in executing rapid development and deployment to a military DOD cyber framework that enhances both missions planning and execution. We have experience supporting the DoD Enterprise that continuously enhance the Party Bus delivery platform capabilities, allowing us to facilitate rapid development of Air Force software and its capabilities across multiple disciplines and multiple customers at once. Omni brings expert-level engineers/product managers to support CNCF Kubernetes-based platforms, using cloud and vendor agnostic tools and approaches, and applying DevSecOps best practices in Agile Government/Multi-Contractor team environments.

We are thrilled to build upon our partnership with Party Bus and expand our knowledge and participation within the Platform One ecosystem.


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