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Omni Federal wins Platform One Big Bang Contract

How can we support the DoD’s ability to field operational capabilities faster and more effectively?

We’re excited to announce something we have been working on that we are finally ready to share!

Omni Federal is thrilled to be expanding its relationship with the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center (AFLCMC) under a new engagement with the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division (HNCKP) to enhance and improve the capabilities of Big Bang.

Why is this important?

Big Bang provides a baseline declarative, continuous delivery tool for deploying DoD hardened and approved packages into a Kubernetes cluster. The tool is a non-vendor locked, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Kubernetes-based platform tailorable to user needs and requirements. It is deployable on user’s cloud, air-gapped, or edge systems with a proven Continuous Authority to Operate (cATO).

Under this contract, Omni, as Customer Integration lead, will support Platform One’s effort to build an infrastructure agnostic platform, Big Bang, supporting the DoD’s vast infrastructure options (including Government clouds, on premise, disconnected and classified environments), with the ability to deploy a DevSecOps platform (CNCF Kubernetes-compliant) with accredited and secured hardened containers built from the DoD Centralized Artifacts Repository (DCAR) to support the DoD’s ability to field operational capabilities faster.

Omni will leverage its experience with Platform One and Big Bang as a user on multiple DoD engagements to:

  • Maintain and support the Platform One DevSecOps stack across multiple security classifications
  • Onboard and support product teams across the DoD as they leverage the Platform One tech stack to continuously develop and deploy code to multiple security environments
  • Enhance Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and Configuration as Code (CAC) capabilities
  • Improve platform cybersecurity and code security
  • Modify and develop CI/CD pipelines
  • Leverage Helm and Kubernetes operators to automate deployment and Day 2 maintenance
  • Migrate the Platform One and DSOP stack onto Cloud One
  • And much more!

We’re extremely proud to be part of this work and can’t wait to see where this work takes the DoD’s capabilities from here.


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