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Omni Federal Wins NGA ODIN II Award

Omni Federal was selected by The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to provide technical expertise and support required to fully implement and improve Agency functions and key capabilities developed and sustained by the Open Digital Services (ODS) product line within the Geo-Capabilities Division (TEGG). This includes unique NGA public facing OGC compliant Open-Source Geospatial Capabilities and non-NGA Standard data services to all domains, to improve technology sharing, interoperability, and trust among partner nations and the entire NSG/Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG).

NGA is the lead federal agency for timely and actionable geospatial intelligence. It is a combined intelligence and combat support organization that enables the intelligence community and the Department of Defense (DoD) to meet national security priorities.

With a mix of commercial and Federal experience, Omni Federal (Omni) specializes in bringing modern, commercial best practices to our Federal clients. We build quality into our design and development process and include automation to constantly monitor quality without jeopardizing speed of delivery. Measurable metrics with automated reporting enables us to continuously assess and improve overall quality.

“Even though we deliver capabilities in a rapid and iterative manner, we are warfighter focused and do not compromise on security, quality or user experience. We strive to delight our users. We maximize the use of our user centric design processes, automated tools and modern DevSecOps practices to rapidly deliver capabilities in an iterative manner.” said Parag Thakker, Omni founder and CEO.

“We are looking forward to leveraging our experience with multiple Fortune 500 clients and other DoD software factories such as Air Force Kessel Run, Platform One, Black Label, Army ECMA and BESPIN to help the NGA further its mission and build software that is a joy to use.”

The effort is Omni’s Fifth prime contract with the NGA. In this project, Omni will modernize, develop, and maintain capabilities within the ODS product line, including OpenStreetMap Suite, OpenSphere, Ronin, Mage, MapCache, Piper, SuiteCRM Engagement Platform, and the Maritime Safety Information mobile application.


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