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Omni Federal Wins “Data As A Service” (DaaS) Phase III SBIR to democratize data access

Omni Federal wins SBIR III contract to extend and rollout “Data as a Service” (“DaaS”) capability to democratize access to data with self-service, automation, API management, enterprise integration, and develop Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities, next level of dashboards/experiences and other analytic solutions using open data API standards.

DaaS is intended to unlock data behind monolithic systems and democratize access to data by connecting data silos with common data services layer and unleashing the design and development of innovative user experiences with integrated and composite data views based on user needs.

Omni Federal will focus on “Saving Airmen Time” efforts by extending ReadyOne (Airmen readiness application) and improving Airmen In/Out processing experience to reduce airman frustration and time spent on menial tasks.

“The Air Staff is eager to give Airman a direct voice in redefining, streamlining and eliminating processes that bog our Airmen down and consume their time,” Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, Gen. Stephen W. Wilson “Speed wins in today’s era of great power competition. Together we’ll go faster and farther, ensuring we are ready when our nation calls.”

ReadyOne – Commanders and support staff spend a disproportionate amount of time focusing on personnel systems. Current readiness processes are inefficient, prone to delays that waste time and money and unnecessarily add stress on our already taxed airmen.

Based on the survey of 12 squadron commanders, around 58% of surveyed squadron commanders spend an average of 34.2% of their time navigating various personnel systems which comes to approx 128,756 hrs per year navigating systems across 181 squadrons. More alarmingly, 66% of surveyed squadron commanders said that personnel actions are taking a higher priority than the mission.

Thereby in close collaboration with Airmen and BESPIN and “powered by DaaS”, Omni will deliver ReadyOne that pulls datasets from disparate personnel and training databases and provide consolidated, unified, and filterable readiness views, with anytime access to Commander, Supervisor, and Airman with granularity down to the individual Airman or holistic information about the entire organization.

In/Out Processing – In a landslide vote by Air Force Squadron Commanders, modernization and improvements of Airmen In/Out Processing and Onboarding process won the VCSAF challenge. The current process is largely manual and lacks airmen focus which contributes to high amounts of relocation stress and wasted time and money. Around 400,000+ service members PCS each year and 44% of service members and 45% of spouses indicate “relocation stress” as one of the top five career stressors

Simplified relocation for all Airmen. Anytime, Anywhere. – In close collaboration with Airmen and BESPIN and “powered by DaaS”, Omni will modernize the process and deliver a game-changing impact in saving Airmen time through automation, data standardization, process improvement, and elimination of menial tasks without sacrificing checklist customization down to the unit level.

These improvements will help reduce relocation stress, remove duplicate data collection efforts, improve Airmen experience and thereby increase time spent on warfighting readiness for all users involved

Thanks for leadership and support from VCSAF, Department of the Air Force’s Artificial Intelligence Cross-Functional Team (CFT), CSAF Strategic Studies Group, BESPIN Solutions CenterSAF/CN, SAF/CDO, and A1 Business systems.


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