Press Release

Omni Federal Wins Contract with Platform One’s Big Bang Team

Omni Federal recently won a contract with Platform One‘s Big Bang Team to bring Kubernetes SMEs and Software Development experience to the larger Big Bang development team.

With Omni Federal’s extensive experience supporting and contributing to enhancements and services on Platform One and other Air Force Software Factories, we are excited to be able to bring that knowledge to our work with the Big Bang team.

The focus of this project is to further improve Big Bang’s capabilities in bringing hardened, secured, and bespoke Kubernetes clusters to environments around the globe for mission application use, both the cloud and the field.

With a mix of commercial and DoD experience, Omni Federal specializes in bringing an Agile culture and modern best practices to federal clients. We have experience supporting the DoD Enterprise Development Security and Operations Platform initiative (DSOP) technical stack across multiple security enclaves. Omni brings expert-level engineers to support CNCF Kubernetes-based platforms, using cloud and vendor agnostic tools and approaches, and applying DevSecOps best practices in Agile Government/Multi-Contractor team environments.

Platform One is a DoD-wide enterprise service focused on helping users launch DevSecOps applications faster using their P1 pipeline security tools. Big Bang specifically is known for its continuous delivery tool that aids in deploying DoD hardened and approved packages into a Kubernetes cluster. Omni’s work to help Big Bang deliver these platforms more securely and more efficiently is something we’re excited to dive into as we expand our knowledge and footprint with the Platform One and Cloud One ecosystem.


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