Press Release

Omni Federal Secures Contract Victory, Empowering Platform One’s Iron Bank Team to Reach New Heights!

We’re thrilled to announce that Omni Federal has been chosen to be the rocket fuel behind a game-changing mission for the DoD!

Our mission? To bring the future closer by turbocharging the approval process for using and operating containers.

At Omni Federal, we’re not just excited; we’re electrified! With a track record of delivering top-tier services and enhancements on Platform One, we’re stoked to bring our wealth of experience to the Iron Bank team. Get ready for a powerhouse collaboration that will redefine what’s possible!

Omni Federal brings a unique blend of commercial and DoD expertise, injecting an Agile culture and modern best practices into federal projects. We’re thrilled to energize the Iron Bank team’s container security toolchain, ensuring seamless delivery and top-tier protection for your applications. Our focus isn’t just on security; it’s on delivering enhanced security while fostering invaluable collaborations with industry partners. With expert-level engineers supporting CNCF Kubernetes-based platforms, cloud and vendor agnostic tools, and a commitment to DevSecOps best practices.

Platform One, the DoD’s enterprise service dedicated to accelerating DevSecOps applications and software deployment, is where the future takes flight. At Omni Federal, we’re proud to be a driving force behind Platform One’s transformative initiatives. In our latest endeavor, we’re teaming up with the Iron Bank crew to elevate their capabilities even further. Building on top of the already robust Platform One Big Bang baseline, enhancing efficiency, and unleashing the true power of hardened containers.

This is innovation in action, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of it!


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