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Omni Federal in collaboration with BESPIN deploys User Experience Monitoring Capability (UEM) on Cloud One for Air Force Enterprise

Omni Federal is proud to announce User Experience Monitoring (UEM) is now available on Cloud One as an enterprise service for the Department of the Air Force. UEM, developed in partnership with Business and Enterprise Systems Product INovation (BESPIN), provides deeper, comprehensive insights into how airmen use digital applications and enterprise-wide services. UEM enables data-driven decisions when creating and maintaining digital applications and services for airmen, thus increasing the efficacy of those applications.

We realize that having an understanding as to how the airmen use digital applications is essential to improving those tools so that our airmen are, in turn, more successful within their roles in the Air Force. They need the information to fulfill their missions, and we need to be able to get it to them in the most efficient and effective manner. We need to understand how they use it in their everyday work, and having insights to that via data and metrics is powerful and essential.

More importantly, we wanted to give Air Force leaders and teams more insight. Senior Leaders are now able to track usability scores and success metrics of their teams, while at the enterprise level, they can track common success metrics across applications. Product Owners and Software Factories are able to track performance of tools and services under their portfolio, and track common success metrics across applications. Product Teams are able to measure the health and performance of the product, as well as report accurate data and success metrics to stakeholders.

“Striving to help app teams understand their users is a key element in making sure we provide that level of transparency to our UEM customers,” said UEM subject matter expert Ron Stevens from Omni Federal. “What are users doing?” Stevens said. “Where are they going? What issues are they experiencing? We are dedicated to making sure we provide that level of transparency to our UEM customers.”

Making informed decisions at all levels helps the digital application and enterprise service teams make the right decisions about where to invest time and money, thereby enhancing the user experience and value delivered to airmen.

Omni Federal is extremely proud to team with BESPIN to make UEM available across the Air Force, creating a huge win for our airmen. And we are not yet done, as we will continue to partner with BESPIN to add more features in the future.

Check out what our partners at BESPIN had to say about this project as well here!

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