Press Release

Omni Federal Announces Win to Extend Digital University and Provide AI/ML Digital Learning Sandbox

As part of the SBIR Phase III IDIQ for Digital University (DU), Omni Federal has been awarded a Task Order to extend DU while enhancing A.I. and machine learning (ML) on the platform. The existing DU AI/ML curriculum will be paired with a data sandbox environment where qualified DU learners can work with military datasets for a practical learning experience. This capability will allow learners to bring their own datasets and be led step-by-step through the process of setting up their data, designing an algorithm, and ultimately training that algorithm to generate new insights.

AI/ML can be challenging to practice and master. However, with the effective curriculum expansion and the self-service AI/ML sandbox offered, Digital University will address the unmet needs for aspiring AI/ML engineers to explore ways to exploit realistic data using AI/ML techniques in a safe and secure way.

The goal is to accelerate digital fluency through practice, and ultimately deliver new capabilities more efficiently at increasing speeds in a modernized and integrated digital ecosystem.

Omni Federal is excited to add these capabilities to DU in partnership with BESPIN while continuing to demonstrate that DU is the best digital learning platform for the DoD.


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