Make Data Your Ally

Most enterprise data sources within federal government agencies, and specifically the DoD, are inaccessible due to a number of constraints. Security concerns, bureaucratic restrictions and other impediments make it difficult to access a lot of potentially useful data, let alone share your data with others.

DaaS is operational on Cloud One


Today's warfighters need modern software capabilities at the speed of the mission. 

In large, complex DoD enterprise environments, numerous challenges will present themselves. Obstacles to building a great solution, due to limitations in data accessibility. 

Introducing DaaS (Data-as-a-Service)

  • An enterprise data mesh that provides secure access to data, wherever it may reside.  

  • Makes the data available to apps in real-time, with reusable and repeatable open standards running on commercial best-of-breed software.

  • DaaS can also serve as an enterprise data fabric, overlaid virtually on top of data repositories for unified data management.

  • Available in production on Cloud One.

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Bottom Line

DaaS means faster to market, lower risk, and significantly reduced cost.

DaaS gives all power to the applications - which results in a superior experience for the warfighter.

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DaaS facilitates the seamless transfer of DU Learning records into MyLearning, the DAF system of record for training.  This allows Airmen and Guardians to be recognized for their accomplishments on the DU platform in their permanent record hosted in MyLearning.