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Omni Federal Wins DHA Prime Contract to deliver modernized architecture to JOMIS

Updated: May 7

Omni Federal wins Defense Health Agency (DHA) Prime contract with Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS) to architect, design, and deliver Operational Medicine Data Service (OMDS) Application Program Interface (API) Gateway, Low-Side Repository, and Services

Together with our close friends and partner Ellumen, #TeamOmni is excited to collaborate with the PEO Defense Healthcare Management Systems (DHMS) JOMIS organization on the OMDS modernization journey. OMDS aligns with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Digital Modernization Strategy and is a high priority for DHMS to enable the rapid delivery of future capabilities.

JOMIS PMO is responsible for developing, deploying, sustaining, and modernizing operational medicine (OpMed) Information Technology (IT) systems that support the delivery of comprehensive health services to deployed forces across the full range of military operations. JOMIS requires a modernized, innovative OpMed data-centric solution to make data visible, accessible, understandable, trusted, and interoperable for use by solutions to support the warfighter and other operational stakeholders.

The Operational Medicine Data Service (OMDS) will address JOMIS’ efforts to modernize the OpMed data backbone key to the management and transport of data. OMDS will establish a data-centric infrastructure with a data-centric architecture that uses data as a permanent strategic asset giving JOMIS the ability to get the right data into the right hands at the right time.

As part of the OMDS modernization efforts, #TeamOmni will help establish an extensible, scalable technical infrastructure aligning with DoD’s move toward data-centricity. Our team will design and develop adaptive services to give JOMIS the flexibility to onboard new solutions to support advanced data analytics (NLP, AI, ML) and enable OMDS to scale according to demand, leveraging cloud-native services and toolsets.

Our team will tackle the following OpMed Functional Areas

  1. Medical Command and Control (MedC2)

  2. Medical Situational Awareness (MedSA)

  3. Medical Logistics (MedLOG)

  4. Health Care Delivery (HCD)

  5. Patient Movement

About JOMIS:

The Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS) Program Management Office, under the Program Executive Office for Defense Healthcare Management Systems (PEO DHMS), manages the deployment and sustainment of current and future operational medicine information systems to deployed forces across the range of military operations.

About OMNI:

Omni is a commercially rooted small business, adapted to Federal, focused on the design and delivery of user-centric digital solutions across data, analytics, business process automation, cloud, and mobile applications. We passionately design intuitive, rich, and engaging experiences with the entire user journey into consideration.

We perfectly combine “user-centric” (top-down) and “data-driven” (bottoms-up) approaches in delivering multi-tenant enterprise applications, with industry-leading experience building “software factories” and innovative platform technologies.

Request or send inquiries to our team at info@omnifederal.com.