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Omni Federal is awarded Air Force Digital University Phase 3 SBIR

Updated: May 12

Omni Federal, a leader in software development, DevSecOps, and user-centric digital solutions within DoD and the Intelligence Community is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract with the Department of the Air Force (DAF), to support the PEO Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate (BESPIN organization) in DoD’s digital transformation by creating digital practitioners and enhancing digital literacy for our military at the speed of relevance.

In close collaboration with BESPIN software factory, the Digital University platform (DigitalU) provides guided learning paths to our military professionals to achieve digital mastery in technical areas such as Data Science, Full Stack Development, and Cloud Engineering. Digital University leverages the DoD-wide interest in tapping into existing industry-leading learning platforms and modern career opportunities while purposefully weaving in the critical mission focus, talent needs, and future plans for every branch and agency in DoD.

Digital University is already engaged with organizations like AFLCMC/COS, ACC, Kessel Run, VCSAF (Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force), JAIC, US Space Force, Air University, AMC (Air Mobility Command), AFGSC (Global Strike Command) to democratize digital literacy across its user base

This combination of learning tools, gamification, resources, and a collaborative merging of career and fellowship opportunities that users can soon access from one location is unprecedented and is set to create a new DoD-wide approach to career advancement, upskilling, and talent retention, as it enables many organizations to quickly track new graduates from courses as well as recruit talent from across DAF to solve immediate project needs.

Additionally, this SBIR Phase III contract will enhance the existing efforts to approach “new normals” in remote work, supporting the growing need across all organizations today to offer new and enhanced learning experiences, opportunities, and career paths that are not currently easy to find or participate in. Our team will incorporate gamification, assessment engine capabilities to improve the overall learning experience. In addition to Udemy, PluralSight, Udacity, our team will bring on additional integration with platforms like Data Camp and Cloud Academy. Recently we extended the ability for CAC authentication and plan to migrate to the Cloud One platform in the upcoming weeks

Digital University helps increase digital literacy to all Airmen, Guardians, and other DoD employees.

We are excited to expand the current Digital University capabilities to now include new assessment engines, user dashboards, advanced pathways and more for the Air Force, Space Force, and the OSD” BESPIN CTO, USAF, James “Guideaux” Crocker

Sign up and checkout DigitalU >> https://digitalu.af.mil/

About Omni Federal

Omni Federal is a commercially-rooted small business and leader in the design and delivery of user-centric solutions around many of our nation’s most crucial transformation needs, including data, analytics, business process automation, cloud services, and mobile applications.

We are digital problem solvers. Our team brings extensive industry-leading experience in building software factories, bringing modernization, and delivering platform-level technologies and user-focused solutions. We apply a technology-agnostic mindset in refactoring and modernizing legacy systems.