Omni Federal awarded National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) Metadata Management System(MCAMS)

Updated: May 7

Springfield, Va. (December 2020) – Omni Federal was selected by The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to design, develop, integrate, deploy, sustain and operate a new Metadata Management System to manage (create/tag/track) metadata of legacy and new assets and products to enable discovery and reuse. The Metadata Cataloging and Management Service (MCAMS) contract provides the NGA the ability to manage products and assets in an ever-changing data dominant environment.

NGA is the lead federal agency for timely and actionable geospatial intelligence. It is a combined intelligence and combat support organization that enables the intelligence community and the Department of Defense (DoD) to meet national security priorities.

With a mix of commercial and Federal experience, Omni Federal (Omni) specializes in bringing modern, commercial best practices to our Federal clients. We build quality into our design and development process and include automation to constantly monitor quality without jeopardizing speed of delivery. Measurable metrics with automated reporting enables us to continuously assess and improve overall quality.

“Even though we deliver capabilities in a rapid and iterative manner, we are war fighter focused and do not compromise on security, quality or user experience. Instead we maximize the use of our UX design process, automated tools and modern DevSecOps practices to rapidly deliver capabilities in an iterative manner.” said Parag Thakker, Omni Founder and CEO.
“We are looking forward to leveraging our past experience with multiple Fortune 500 clients and other DoD software factories such as Air Force Kessel Run and BESPIN to help the NGA further its mission and build software that is a joy to use.”

The 24-month effort is Omni’s second prime contract with the NGA. In this project, Omni will collaborate with the existing Orchestration Services mission is to bring GEOINT analytic reporting up to industry (non-government) publication standards across the NSG Enterprise.

“Omni strives to provide the best solutions to the entire intelligence and defense community,” said Ryan Phillips, Omni’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We are thrilled to build upon our partnership with the NGA to deliver advanced capabilities into operations within this community.”

About Omni Federal

Headquartered in Gainesville, Virginia, Omni is a commercially rooted small business, adapted to Federal, focused on the design and delivery of user-centric digital solutions across data, analytics, business process automation, cloud, and mobile applications. We passionately design intuitive, rich, and engaging experiences with the entire user journey into consideration. Omni brings fresh ideas and innovation, while simplifying complexity and challenging status-quo. We perfectly combine “user-centric” (top-down) and “data-driven” (bottoms-up) approaches in delivering multi-tenant enterprise applications, with industry-leading experience building “software factories” and innovative platform technologies.

For more information on Omni, contact Ryan Philips at 314-779-7971.