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Omni Federal awarded Digital University Phase II SBIR

Updated: May 7

Omni Federal has been awarded Air Force SBIR phase II award to design and develop a next generation training platform, Digital University, that will prepare Airmen to harness the power of technology. We will be closely working with SAF/CIO Lauren Knausenberger, BESPIN leadership (Guideaux C), Career Field Managers, and organizations including Kessel Run, Space Force, ACC, ACC/A6, Platform One, and Space Camp. Our key focus will be to design and develop an extensible Digital U capability that can be rolled out Air Force wide to prepare Airmen to rapidly deploy technology where needed and prepare for advanced opportunities in cyber warfare. This will be enabled through tracking and certification processes for Airmen against AF-vetted cyber and development paths. There will be a constant drive to evaluate and improve the quality of training offered using AI/ML and integration with approved manpower systems to improve rotations and assignments. https://digitalu.af.mil/