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CNS/ATM Portal Launch

Updated: May 7

15th September 2020 |

We are super excited and thrilled to announce the launch of new CNS/ATM portal. Omni Federal are very fortunate to be part of the modernization journey with BESPIN and Hanscom Air Force Base (Mass.)

Leveraging user-centric design process (UX) with modern application development and platform capabilities, our team rapidly designed and delivered this modernization initiative. CNS/ATM portal provides improved Web Presence (Awareness), Online Catalog, Information organization(library) and digitizes the aircraft platform assessment process (PAR) with suite of operations efficiency tools and communications(outreach) capabilities

On behalf of entire BESPIN IGATM team, thanks to Brett Johnson, PMP , Richard McGreehan, Paul Cooper, Guideaux C, Tanya Lambert, Christina Rhylander, Colt Whittall, Traci Howell and others for their leadership in championing this modernization effort.

Good team effort and major success story for the software factory culture across USAF.