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BESPIN Digital University Launched !!!

Another major product delivery milestone and win accomplished at BESPIN. Today BESPIN & Omni Federal is excited to announce the launch of revamped Digital University powered by BESPIN Daas (“Data as a Service”) capability.

This redesigned platform will provide a seamless educational experience to Air Force and Space Force professionals across various SW Factories including Kessel Run, Space Camp, and others with clear, transparent guided paths to various user archetypes including someone seeking specific skills or role/career paths or a general digital literacy with various levels of mastery.

BESPIN software factory innovation culture rapidly brings ideas into production with agile software design and development best practices, end-user focus, and delivery-first attitude.

In close collaboration with BESPIN, Omni Federal brought modern design thinking, mature UX design process, technical architecture prowess, senior design, and development expertise with delivery-obsessed leadership to design, build and launch this capability with cutting edge technologies in a very short amount of time. Omni Federal is committed to working with our client partners to design, build, and deliver amazing digital experiences.

Redesigned DigitalU provides guided learning paths to our military professionals to achieve digital mastery in technical areas such as Data Science, Full Stack Development, and Cloud Engineering. Digital University is an online platform dedicated to training service members in a diverse set of technical skills and career paths. It currently provides 25,000+ learners access to a wide range of third-party learning services such as Udemy and Udacity which allows the Air Force to train up technical talent in the same ways that commercial companies such as Lyft or Google.

Delivery Matters !!! – Sign up and Checkout https://digitalu.af.mil/

Looking Forward – As a user-centric organization, we want to learn from the users and their engagement. Major improvements are underway including powering analytics-driven enterprise to learn, optimize, and further accelerate innovation to rapidly bring more value-added capability to our military professionals.

Hats Off to all the leadership and support from Lauren Knausenberger, Colt Whittall, Guideaux C, Peyton Cleveland, Kyle Palko, Paul Cooper, Kim Crider, Jared Engler, Jereme Melton, Bryan P Irish, Robert Trejo, Lt Tory Smith, Brian Mahar, Jackie Cromer, Christopher Riggs, and others. Also acknowledging close support and collaboration from the Google team especially Jason Beattie, Kristopher Rowe, Jamal Mahboob, Keith Hannah, and others

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