Employee Spotlight

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Bekah Wilcox

In this month's employee spotlight, we would like to take the time to share the amazing story of one of our amazing User Experience Designers, Bekah Wilcox. You will get a chance to read a brief piece from her as well as multiple stories from her peers. She brings out the best of her teammates and embodies what it means to be a part of the Omni Federal team! 

Bekah's Journey:


"My previous life as a UX designer was all about getting people to watch more TV. While designing streaming media experiences was relatable for friends and family, creating more couch potatoes wasn't exactly fulfilling. 


At Omni Federal, explaining my job isn't as easy, but replacing legacy processes and systems that haven't changed for decades with modern technology and interfaces is truly rewarding work. The experiences I help create, alongside our talented teams of developers and product owners, have a significant impact on our military members and government employees - reducing frustration, saving time, and giving them tools to develop deeper insights into the services they provide.  


The SABER project for the United States Air Force is the perfect example. We took a complex process managed entirely in Powerpoint slides on a Sharepoint drive, and delivered an end-to-end digital solution that acts as a central source of truth for an audience with varying needs. Having been locked into tools and processes without a voice for so long, it is incredibly satisfying to discuss features and enhancements with our users each week, and then deliver on them in an agile fashion."


From her Peers:


"Bekah is highly skilled and talented in User Experience Design. She is patient, understanding, adaptable, innovative, and inspiring. As a new UX Designer, I am privileged to learn from someone of her caliber."


"We haven't had a chance to work together directly on project work but she's a person I'm able to reach out to for bouncing off ideas and getting feedback. She's an awesome person to talk with and appreciate her insights."


"Bekah has an amazing talent for understanding people.  She has a unique ability to ask for, listen, and use feedback effectively in order to design a satisfying user experience while meticulously planning a customer Journey for the users and helping them find what they are looking for through an intuitive process."