Omni Federal is a user centric digital consulting firm specializing in data, digital and cloud services

At Omni Federal, We design, build and operate data-rich solutions encompassing data warehouses, big data platforms, data transformation tools, digital dashboard applications, web portals, business intelligence (BI) tools, and real-time analytics and monitoring applications


Our strategic consulting includes

User Experience

Targeted, Contextual and Personalized

At Omni Federal, we believe understanding of user needs, goals and emotions leads to exceptional solution offering. Through our user-centered design process, we concieve, design and develop highly intuitive and usable digital solutions that brings delight, excitement, and high user engagement across digital portals, dashboards, mobile apps etc.

Service Offering: User Research, Maturity model, Requirements, Scenerios, Journeys, Personnas, Wireframes, Prototypes, Detail Annotated Design, Visual / Creative Design, Mood Board, Style Guide, User Metrics, Usability Testing, 508 Compliance etc.

Cloud DevSecOps

Automated, Continuous and Secure

We incorporate security as part our DevOps approach, bring continuous integration, deployment and monitoring expertise and ensure any security threats / vulnerabilities are identified and addressed early on. With platform automation expertise and transparency mind-set, we increase business responsiveness and effectiveness with rapid, high-quality, iterative delivery

Service Offering: Automated Provisioning, Workload Management and Scaling, Configuration Management, Code Analysis, Change Management, Compliance Monitoring, Threat investigation, Vulnerability assessment, Continuous monitoring and Visualization through Alerts and Dashboards, Automated Testing, Continuous Deployment, Metrics


Data Management

Tranform Data to Intelligence

Data is most important asset. We specialize in data ingestion, aggregation, cleansing, management and tranformation into actionable intelligence and enable decision making

Service Offering: Data Architecture, Modeling, Data Warehouse and Datamart design and Implementations (including NoSQL, Graph, MPP, and Hadoop), Metadata management, Data Virtualization, Database administration, Data Profiling, Acquisition, Blending, Cleansing, Aggregation, ETL development

Platform: DMPs (Adobe Audience Manager, Oracle Blue Kai, Hybris Marketing Cloud, MPP (& InMemory (Amazon Redshift, SAP Hana, Exasol), Hadoop (Map Reduce, HDFS, Pig, Hive, Yarn, Spark), NoSQL (MongoDB, Amazon Dynamo DB), Traditional (Oracle, Informatica, Clusterix, MySQL, SQLServer), ETL (Kettle, Alteryx)

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Self Service, Realtime and Powerful

We help capitalize the value of data (real time streaming, batch or historical) to support strategic, tactical, and operational decision making. We drive analytics from a wide array of data sources into actionable intelligence

Service Offering: Descriptive, Predictive and Presriptive Analytics, Data and Text Mining with drill-down analysis, Data Science and algorithms development. Standardized reporting (scorecard, dashboard, BI), KPI definition, implementation and optimization)), Ad-hoc reporting and analysis, Machine learning techniques, what-if analysis, model scoring, real time recommendation, Predictive and macro modeling, forecasting, simulations and recommendations.

Platform:Tableau, Microstrategy, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, R, SAS, Apache Mahout


Cloud Management

Secure, Scalable, Reliable and Cost-Effective

At Omni Federal, we develop, deploy, and manage infrastructure solutions that are flexible, scalable, secure, and cost-effective and leverage right blend of cloud-hosted, on-premise, and hybrid designs.

Service Offering: AWS GovCloud, Azure Government, Strategy (Hybrid, Cloud) ROI Analysis. Planning and Design, Implementation, Databases, Security (AD, others), Application infrastructure, Application deployment & scaling -Linux & Windows, Virtual networking between Cloud & OnPrem

Application Delivery & Support

Agile, Lean, Integrated.

At Omni Federal, we bring proven commercial experience in developing integrated digital and data applications. Rooted in solid architecture principles, our iterative approach enables stakeholders to play an integral role in the project life cycle

Service Offering: Ecosystem Strategy, Maturity Model and Roadmap, Application Architecture, ESB/Services/API Integration, UI Design and Development (Angular/ReactJS), Web Development (.NET and Java), IoT Architecture and Implementation, Content Management Design and Implementation, CRM Design and Implementation, Micro Services Architecture, Responsive design and development (HTML5), Data Design and Implementation, Waterfall and Agile /Iterative Design and Delivery